Sen. Anthony Williams regrets trash toss in Gov ad

You may have thought color is no longer a factor in politics. But there’s still the green issue.

In one of state senator Anthony Williams’ campaign commercial for the governor’s race, Williams throws a cardboard box in a trash can while he talks about “Thinking outside the box.” We were curious if his campaign had heard from environmentally-minded folks about why he didn’t recycle. “The campaign has heard from voters,” spokeswoman Nia Meeks told us Tuesday. Williams has told the constituents they were right to question the appearance of him not recycling. Meeks says that in Folcroft, Delaware County, where the ad was shot, the recycling cans are the same color as the trash cans. Turns out the box was recycled, Meeks said, because Williams took the box with him and continues to use it as a prop for his thinking outside the box metaphor.

“The senator has a history of voting for environmental issues. Recycling is something he cares about,” Meeks said of Williams, who regrets the trashcan scene.  “In the next commercial he’ll have a presence of recycling so people have a better understanding,” Meeks said.