Ryan Howard says buddy stiffed bartender not him

ZAGAT, WHICH has just published its 2009 guide to Philadelphia restaurants, declared that Philadelphians are the most generous tippers in the nation. Would that include Ryan Howard?

Sources say that on a recent visit to Paddy Whack's (2nd & South), the Phillies slugger, who's earning $10 million this year, showed up wearing a $15,000 watch, drank $24 worth of beers and left no tip.


Howard said last night through team spokesman John Brazer that he had gone to the bar with a buddy and believed that his friend had settled the bill.


"Mr. Howard was at our establishment as a guest of another patron that was having a scheduled Happy Hour party," says the bar's GM Ryan Kilkenny. "The bill of this party was not the responsibility of Mr. Howard. The bill was settled in full and a tip was left," Kilkenny e-mailed us.

Kilkenny's comment and other accounts we have since received contradict our original report.

By all accounts, Howard was not responsible for any bill, and was not expected to have paid or tipped at the private party.