Radio reporter email attacks woman for posting on fiance's Facebook

A word of advice to female fans of SiriusXM radio host Bob Edwards: Compliment his work on Facebook and you may feel the wrath of his fiancee, WRTI news anchor Windsor Johnston.

An Ohio businesswoman received a barrage of angry emails from Johnston, 34 Monday night after she says she posted “Go Bob, You’re the man,” congratulating Edwards, 64, after he posted about an interview with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. The post has since been removed.


After tracking down the woman’s email address, Johnston fired off: “Are you unaware that Bob Edwards is engaged to be married? If you EVER post on his page again -- well, you'd be smarter than you look.”

Reached earlier, Johnston says that the woman in question “Made sexual references to parts of her body that he was "aware" of -- even though they have never met,” but denies sending the emails. Johnston says a friend of hers sent the emails without her permission, after she left her e-mail open on a computer. When we pointed out that the e-mails had come from two separate accounts of hers, Johnston stuck to her story about her friend.

The woman on the receiving end meanwhile, who asked not to be identified, is only three years older than Johnston, despite the radio host asking her “What does menopause feel like?” Another e-mail included the seeminlgy unfounded suggestion that she is a stripper. Edwards, former host of NPR's "Morning Edition," did not return a request for comment about his fiancee’s threatening loyalty.

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