Radar mag disses Drexel with 'Ugliest Campus' tag

Drexel University has been branded as being America's "Ugliest Campus" by Radar magazine.

The magazine's September issue, in its "America's 50 Worst Colleges" piece, says that Drexel's "cracked sidewalks, decrepit classrooms, structural blight megatons of gray concrete and a giant, looming smokestack will leave you wondering what brutalist fiend slapped together this sorry excuse for a campus."


The piece goes on to quote unnamed students trash-talking the cleanliness of the campus and the classrooms, and discussing allegedly being mugged on campus.

"The information you are prepared to validate through publication is years, if not a decade, out of date. If you visit our campus, you can quickly see for yourself the report is false," begins a statement from Philip Terranova, a vice president of the university.

Terranova refutes Radar's report with details of $500 million in improvements or construction projects since 1995 and also "a significant investment in campus security to ensure the safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors."

He cites other errors: The school has 21,000 students, not 13,000 as Radar states. "Spreading demonstrably false reports, under the guise of calling it gossip is something we hope the Daily News will not assist. More than that, Radar is not a magazine deserving of the Daily News' attention." Oh, well.