Look out, 'Bonnie' is back in Philly

Guard your wallet and protect your personal information. Alleged identity thief Jocelyn Kirsch is back in Philadelphia.

Sources tell Daily News reporter Regina Medina that Kirsch, 22, arrived in Baltimore yesterday afternoon and driven back to Philadelphia.

It is here of course where Kirsch was nabbed in December, along with ex-boyfriend Edward Anderton, 25, a Penn grad. The pair whom police nicknamed "Bonnie & Clyde," are accused of identity theft, conspiracy and making terroristic threats among other charges. Kirsch, a busty brunette and former Drexel senior, is out on bail and living in Northern California, working at a Napa Starbucks, as Medina reported last month. Ironically, around the same time as Medina’s report, the Federal Trade Commission issued a report that Napa, California, ranked number one metropolitan area in the country per capita for identity theft consumer complaints. Reliable sources also tell Medina that the First Judicial District Warrant Unit went to Kirsch's old address March 29 at the 640 Lofts (640 N. Broad) with an arrest warrant.

Kirsch failed to show up to court in November 2006 for a hearing over a previous retail theft arrest, according to court records. We don't know what took them so long, but the officers last month looked for Kirsch at 640 Lofts, though she moved out last spring and into the posh Belgravia on the 1800 block of Chestnut. Some of Kirsch and Anderton's Belgravia neighbors are among their alleged victims.  Had the officers been keeping up with the Daily News, they would have known that Kirsch was living in California. A court spokesman declined comment citing that the retail theft case is ongoing.

Kirsch and Anderton face hearing on their December charges on May 12 in Philadelphia Municipal Court.