Philadelphia Passion player in Playboy

Tanyka Renee who plays on the Philadelphia Passion is one of eight Lingerie Football League players to be pictured in the shower in the February Playboy.

Renee, of Jamaican descent, wears nothing in the magazine, but wears No. 12 on the football field with the Passion for whom she plays offense and defense.

The Connecticut native works as a nutritionist in New York and stays in Philadelphia four days per week during the season. The Passion are undefeated this season and take on the Tampa Breeze Jan. 29 in Jacksonville.

“We beat em once already and we’re gonna take em on again and beat ‘em again,” says a confident Renee who also declared “We are going to win the Lingerie Bowl on Feb. 6 in Las Vegas.” The event is offered on Pay-Per-View TV.

We asked Renee how her family and friends felt about her Playboy pictorial. “My family loves it. They’re very crazy. They’re all for Playboy. I’ve been modeling since I was 13,” Renee explains.

Though she’s always been athletic, and long played basketball, Renee says she knew nothing about football until she joined the LFL. Now she’s very serious about it and doesn’t like that people have misconceptions about the LFL players. “We do get a playbook, we are out there in less than an NFL uniform but we’re hitting just as hard,” she says.

“These are real athletes and we’re very very competitive.”