Parker Posey's dog chews gum, can't blow bubbles

Parker Posey's dog enjoys a strange treat: Chewing gum. The actress, here shooting "Happy Tears" with Demi Moore, was accompanied by her pooch, Gracie, a bichon-frise/maltese, while shopping the Antiquarian (615 S. 6th) over the weekend. While browsing the Wilbur Vintage shop in the basement, Posey's dog showed an interest in shop owner Dan Wilbur's Stride Winterblue gum.Wilbur says that Posey asked him to chew a piece a little bit and then give it to Gracie because she loves to chew gum. Posey tried to retrieve the gum from her pooch, but Gracie swallowed it. Posey, who told Wilbur that she was enjoying Our Town, checked out a pair of Jessica Bennett shoes, but they weren't her size. While flipping through clothing racks, Posey sang Dolly Parton's "Two Doors Down," which played in the shop.

Photo: New York magazine