Nutter convinces Fox 29 not to air video of him

Mayor Nutter talked Fox 29 out of airing a video that captured him spanking the buttocks of a blonde with whom he drank and bowled at North Bowl (909 N. 2nd), say sources familiar with the situation.

A Fox 29 viewer recorded Nutter and his female companion having a blast about 2 a.m. one day last summer, sources say. We're told the cellphone video is of high-enough quality that you can hear the two slaps Nutter delivered to the woman's behind, identified by our sources only as Andrea, as she got up to bowl.

Fox 29 began to work on a story about the mayor's late-night activities and the footage was screened at the station by Nutter's communications director Desiree Peterkin Bell and press secretary Mark McDonald.

Soon after that, we're told, Nutter summoned Fox 29 news director Steve Schwaid to City Hall for a meeting. After the meeting Schwaid informed his news staff that the footage would not run unless he decided that it would.

Some journalists at Fox 29 were upset that Schwaid decided to kill, or at least sit on, the story.

Asked if Nutter attempted to pressure Fox 29 not to air the video, McDonald offered no comment. Schwaid referred our inquiry to a Fox 29 spokeswoman, who had no comment about the Nutter/Schwaid sit-down or whether the station would air the story.

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