Neighbor arrested, charged with stalking A.J. Feeley

A 39-year-old woman who lives in the same condo building as Eagles quarterback A.J. Feeley has been arrested and charged with stalking and harassing him. Ayesha Muzaffar is charged with two misdemeanors for which she faces a hearing May 15 in Common Pleas Court, according to criminal-court records. She was arrested on similar charges in 2001, records show.

Sources tell us Muzaffar is believed to have stuffed sexually charged notes under Feeley's door in the Metro Club Condos (201 N. 8th). Asked if the harassment was of a sexual nature, Police Sgt. Ray Evers said he "can't get into all that." Evers, who wouldn't confirm that Feeley, who is engaged to soccer star Heather Mitts, was the complainant, said the notes were not "sports- related."

"I can't get into the particulars because it's an ongoing legal matter now," said Feeley in a text message yesterday. "Scary though," he added.