NJ Gov. Chris Christie joins Tom Corbett for campaign stop at Irish Pub

Longtime regular Pat Burrell didn't show up at the Irish Pub (20th & Walnut) when the Giants battled the Phillies last weekend, but Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie stopped at the bar briefly yesterday at the start of the NLCS Game 3.

Corbett is a Pirates fan but said that as long as the Pirates don't play the Phillies, he roots for the Phillies. Christie, from North Jersey, is a Yankees fan, but is supporting the Phillies against the Giants.

We asked Corbett if he thought he was qualified to follow in Gov. Rendell's footsteps as a Comcast SportsNet Eagles analyst. He said he's an Eagles fan but isn't interested in that gig.

The pair were off to a $25,000-per-plate Republican fundraiser at the Park Hyatt at the Bellevue.

We'll post a video of our interview with Corbett and Christie here this afternoon.

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