Mix 106.1's Nicole Michalik performs in Gilbert Gottfried's 'The Diet Show'

Having appeared on "The Biggest Loser," Nicole Michalik isn't afraid to discuss her weight.

But now the Mix 106.1 and Q102 personality will be doing so in a new off-Broadway show presented by Gilbert Gottfried.

Nicole Michalik

Starting Nov. 20, Michalik will be one of 12 performers in "The Diet Show," produced by Gottfried along with show creators Sean Pomper and Karen Katz. Michalik, who co-hosts Mornings with Logan on Mix 106.1 and is Nik the Web Chick, providing hourly entertainment updates on Q102, dined with Gottfried over the summer and was surprised at how normal the comedian was.

Eric Tobin, who won the third season of "The Biggest Loser" recommended Michalik to the producers who cast her in a show that she likens to "the Vagina Monologues, but about weight."

"Everyone has their own monologue. Mine is the single girl who lost over 100 pounds but I still don't look like Gisele," Michalik explains. She said when she first went on "Biggest Loser," she made no qualms about wanting to "lose weight so I could come home and slut it up around Philly." She says her monologue is "a little dirty, a little funny but sweet at the same time."

"Diet" runs every other Saturday from Nov. 20 to March at the Triad NYC theater. For info, visit broadwaysgoingonadiet.com.