Michael Vick's publicist is former aide for the first President Bush

During puppy-killer-turned-Eagle Michael Vick's interview on "60 Minutes" Sunday, a reference was made to a team of PR and image consultants who were working to help rebrand Vick to the masses following his release from federal prison. One of the consultants shown was Washington, D.C.-based Judy Smith.

Smith, a former White House press aide under the first President Bush, came under fire earlier this year while working for New York Gov. David Paterson, and was blamed for telling reporters that Caroline Kennedy would not be considered for Hillary Clinton's vacated Senate seat due to problems related to taxes, her marriage and a nanny.

Smith was reported in February to have orchestrated the public attacks on Kennedy and her character, though signs later pointed to Paterson as having approved of the leaked info.

Smith did not return an e-mail yesterday asking when she started working with Vick and whether she was hired by him or by the Eagles organization. Eagles spokeswoman Pamela Browner-Crawley said the team is not footing the bill for any outside communications consultants. Browner-Crawley also says the team has not donated money to animal welfare organizations in exchange for support of Vick's signing.