Michael Lohan says he 'Never made a dime' off Lindsay, while pitching reality show.

Michael Lohan and Damon Feldman, now there's a combo.

The fame-hungry father of Lindsay Lohan and the Celebrity Boxing promoter have teamed up for a reality-show pitch "The Lohan Project," in which they will feature aspiring models, actors and entertainers working with Lohan to make it in show business.

The pair will be at W.C. Murphy's (1254 West Chester Pike), in Havertown, from 7 to 10 Friday night looking for proteges for Michael Lohan to work with.

Lohan can now be seen on VH1's "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew," and tells us he went to rehab for his co-dependency issues, having already beaten alcohol and cocaine abuse.

Lohan says he is cured of the co-dependency, which plagued his relationships with women and is single. The former commodities trader swears that he never sold information about Lindsay to the tabloids or paparazzi photogs but that if somebody wanted to pay him for an interview, that's different.

He says that despite reports to the contrary, he and Lindsay speak regularly and have a good relationship. "We were at odds when she was active in her addiction because I wasn't a friend, I was her father," he told us.

"Not once did I ever sell anything on my daughter and I never made a dime off of her," Lohan says, apparently unaware that by selling interviews and building a reality-TV career as Lindsay Lohan's father, he IS making money off her.

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