NATAS says Mendte can be nominated for, win Emmys

We highly doubt he'll show up to collect any statues, but Larry Mendte will be permitted to be nominated for and/or win regional Emmys this year, Susan Buehler, president of the mid-Atlantic chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, announced yesterday. Last week, we reported that some on the local NATAS board expressed concern about Mendte's nominations following his being charged with a felony by the U.S. Attorney's Office, which alleges he hacked into former colleague Alycia Lane's e-mail more than 537 times over six months. The charging document also alleges that Mendte provided info obtained in those e-mails to the Daily News. In recent years, Mendte has won dozens of Emmys, and we're told he submitted more than 20 stories for consideration this year."NATAS has no authority involving itself in the personal situations of its members or entrants. None of the work entered by Larry Mendte is connected to his criminal case, which is still being adjudicated," Buehler saidin the statement. Entries already have been judged, out of the Philadelphia-market area, and nominations will be announced Aug. 5.