Marlins pitcher Sean West's wild Saturday night

Marlins reliever Sean West had a wild Saturday night, being involved in one fight, nearly provoking another, then getting lucky with a groupie at his hotel. West was leaving G Lounge (111 S. 17th) close to 2 a.m. Sunday morning when he was involved in a bit of pushing and shoving with a few other men. The 6-foot-8 rookie then climbed into a limousine with five women, cleat chasers, who had traveled in from Florida to hang out with the Marlins.

Limo driver Big Penny, says that while driving on Locust Street near 13th, West, 23, heckled a group of men, who then surrounded the car and threatened him, while Big Penny pleaded with the angry crowd not to harm his car, a Cadillac DTS sedan. Penny says one of West’s harem then vomited in the car, traveling up 13th Street, then again on Market Street, causing him to pull over at the Robert N.C. Nix, Sr. Federal Building where Penny says the pitcher nearly passed out.

“This motherf----- was laying on the ledge with his flip-flops on,” Penny says as the girls tried to make their friend feel better.

Penny says West told him that he would pay for any cleaning, since he has a lot of money. When the limo arrived at the Hyatt Regency Penn’s Landing, where the team stayed, West got out of the car with one of the women, and said they were heading to get a towel, but also annoucnced his intent to have sex with his companion, and never returned.

Penny says he called West Sunday morning demanding payment for the clean-up, and West claimed he didn’t know the women. When Penny told him “You told me you were banging the one girl,” West said that he knew her.

A Marlins spokeswoman did not return our detailed request for comment today.