MTV's Brianna toying around in XXX clip

The links keep coming.

After we reported that Brianna Frost can be seen "in a lascivious webcam video" (aka spitting on her boobs and briefly masturbating) to Rihanna's "Disturbia" in a webcam video posted on, another reader sent in a far more graphic link on featuring Frost, of MTV's "The Girls of Hedsor Hall," with a sex toy and a bottle of what could be Tahini sauce but which we hope is not.


"Don't link directly to porn," is one of's rules which is why there are no direct links provided here, but if you go to either site and search Frost's name, you'll find them. As we mentioned yesterday, Frost, 21, a former Penn State student was upset Tuesday that we reported she had once modeled for and hadn't plugged her new site. So, after you watch her clips on these other sites, be sure to check out Frost, who's soon moving to Arizona, at her new website,, which is also not safe for work.

UPDATE: It seems Frost does not appreciate our coverage and promotion of her new site, which has undoubtedly seen higher traffic in the last few days. "Hahaha wooooow ur a f---ing piece of s--- you know that right? how do you sleep at night? write ur next article on this you faggot," is what Frost sent us an hour ago.