Lori Delgado resigns from NBC 10 in midst of DeMentri drama

Lori Delgado resigned from NBC 10 as of yesterday, sources say. The news station is expected this afternoon to announce Delgado's departure. As we reported today, Delgado was just named, along with NBC 10 and its president Dennis Bianchi in a Common Pleas Court libel lawsuit by former anchor Vince DeMentri. DeMentri disappeared from the station in July after meeting with news director Chris Blackman over an alleged incident in the parking lot in which Delgado’s car had been vandalized. As we have reported, DeMentri, who is now divorced, and Delgado, who is married, once enjoyed a particularly close friendship, that soured at some point. Delgado filed a report with the Lower Merion Police Department. A Lower Merion Township official later said the department considered the report a nonissue and was not pursuing the matter any further. Delgado’s attorney Eric Weitz did not return calls yesterday or this afternoon about his client our call yesterday. Delgado had not been seen on air for about a week. Yesterday, station spokeswoman Eva Blackwell insisted the anchor was on a previously scheduled vacation. Delgado, 29, started at NBC 10 in early 2005.