Locally made bacon medal to be awarded on 'Conan'

Telford, PA-based Godshall's Quality Meats made headlines when they created a bacon medal for Sage Kotsenburg, the first-ever gold medalist in the men's snowboard slopestyle. Prolific social media user Kotsenburg tweeted that he wished his medal was made from bacon:

Godshall's obliged. But with turkey bacon because Kostenburg has to watch that athletic figure.

Tonight, Kotsenburg will receive the medal on "The Conan O' Brien Show" at 11 p.m. The medal was cut from a round slice of bacon. The individual etchings were made using a steel-tip, wood-burning tool to etch the design from a projected image of the official Olympics award.

This is not the first brush with athletic celebrity Godshall's Meats has had. When Erik Kratz was still a Phillie, he co-starrred in their commercials alongside an animated turkey. "I was just talking to nothing," Kratz once told me about his turkish co-star.