Local guy offers agitated Dave Chappelle his limousine

Center City's Tom Mazza was at the Pittsburgh airport Saturday afternoon awaiting car service to Johnstown when he got a firsthand look at "Chappelle's Show." Comedian Dave Chappelle arrived without a reservation and demanded a car to Columbus, Ohio. Mazza, a limousine-industry consultant, says he offered the comedian his car and said he would wait, but Chappelle "got agitated" and asked the limo driver for ID, before declaring he would wait in the airport bar.

TMZ.com reported Saturday that a pilot of a private plane Chappelle had chartered in New Jersey deemed him a safety risk and landed in Pittsburgh on Friday night.


Mazza told Chappelle to take his car and the "Half Baked" star "looked at me with a blank expression and didn't respond. I felt sorry for the obvious distress he was in," Mazza said.

During Mazza's drive to Johnstown, he says the driver was on the phone with a Chappelle rep and another limo driver trying to accommodate the comic. It's unclear whether Chappelle got a lift.

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