Local girl produces 'Black Dynamite'

Rydal-raised Jillian Apfelbaum is among producers of "Black Dynamite," a laugh- and action-packed parody/homage of 1970s blaxploitation films in which a pimp named Black Dynamite must scour the underworld to avenge the death of his brother, who was killed by none other than The Man. The film opens tomorrow. Apfelbaum says that an animated series based on the film is in the works and that there could even be a sequel if the film, which stars Michael Jai White ("Spawn") in the title role, is a success. Comedians Tommy Davidson and Arsenio Hall also appear. Apfelbaum, an Abington Friends High and Barnard College graduate, has her fingers crossed for the film, which was a big hit at Sundance.  Speaking of "Black Dynamite," the film's director, Scott Sanders, is a big fan of Philly DJs Diplo and Sega. Sega attended a preview screening of the film last week at the United Artists Riverview, and Sanders and film star Michael Jai White later hung out with Sega and Diplo at an after-party at P.Y.T at the Piazza at Schmidts.

In other movie news, Northeast native Brooke Lewis is a producer and star of "iMurders," which is just out on DVD through Anchor Bay. The George Washington High and Temple graduate left the area for New York, where she worked for a few years in "Tony and Tina's Wedding," then took off for Los Angeles eight years ago, where she has been working ever since. Lewis says she's back in the city "at least three times a year just for cousins' weddings." Lewis' Philly Chick Pictures produced "iMurders," written and directed by Robbie Bryan, in which she plays a detective. Billy Dee Williams, Charles Durning, William Forsythe and Gabrielle Anwar co-star in the thriller about a social-networking site whose members keep getting killed.