Local gal wins $61,600 on 'Millionaire'

West Mount Airy’s Diana Zalewski, 25, a recruiter, walked away with $61,600 after a two-day stint on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” Zalewski, a graduate of Mount St. Joseph Academy in Flourtown and Penn made it to the $250,000 question, but played it safe rather than guess an incorrect answer and be reduced to only winning $25,000.

The question that stumped her: “In the classic thriller “Fatal Attraction,” what is the name of the bunny who meets an untimely end boiling on a stovetop? A: Hopper B: Whitey C: Fluffy D: Snowball.” The answer was B.

Zalewski told us she hopes to use some of her money to get an adventure-based reality show off the ground. She went on a getaway with her girlfriends after taping the show last month and, for fear of losing her money if she spilled the beans, didn’t cave into the relentless questioning about how she did so her friends and family were surprised.