'Hell's Kitchen' chef's vomit-inducing dish copied on 'Dinner Impossible'

When we spoke to Pine Hill's Matt Sigel after his signature dish of diver scallops and white chocolate made Fox's "Hell's Kitchen" host puke, Sigel predicted that despite Gordon Ramsay's regurgitation, other chefs would bite on his dish. Food Network host Robert Irvine cooked diver scallops with white chocolate (Hershey's to be exact) during a "Dinner Impossible" episode that aired Wednesday. Sigel says that Irvine, for whom he used to work at Atlantic City's Caesars, clearly copied the dish from him, but he's not mad.  Sigel, who's survived four episodes so far on the already-taped Fox reality show, just gave two-weeks' notice at the Warwick Radisson Plaza and Tavern 17, where he has been a bread and pastry chef. In early May he'll start cooking at Pizzicato (500 Rt. 73 S) in Marlton.