Local 'Hung' stars excited for upcoming season

There's good and bad news for fans of HBO's "Hung." There is even more nudity and sex in the upcoming season, which premieres next Sunday, but it does not feature Elkins Park native Rebecca Creskoff.

"I am probably the one with my clothes on the most for a change," the redheaded beauty told us recently by phone. Creskoff, a Cheltenham High and Penn grad, plays Lenore, one of male prostitute Thomas Jane's two female pimps.

Creskoff says that when she first realized how much nudity would be required of Lenore, she had a huge fear about nudity but was reassured when her mother Betty Jane, who goes by BJ, encouraged her.

"She said, 'This is a big opportunity. You're an artist. Go for it,' " Creskoff recalls. She comes back to town often and spent much of the summer in Longport with BJ, father Howard, and sister Lauren Kline and her family.

Creskoff says she acted a bit in school plays, but while majoring in English literature at Penn, she thought she would become a journalist or teacher. She then decided to try out for an MFA acting program at New York University.

The actress, who played the Jonas Brothers' mom on Disney Channel's "Jonas," recently appeared on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" as a restaurant hostess dating Larry David.

So what was it like making out with David?

"He's very mellow and serious and professional. It wasn't weird; it was very fun and antiseptic. Just being near him was fun. I am a big fan of the show and him and his brain and what he has created."

The actress will appear in "The All-American," playing the wife of a retired NFL player, at the Duke Theater in New York from Oct. 24 to Nov. 9. Episcopal Academy graduate Sarah Steele is also part of the cast. The play was written by Julia Brownell, a "Hung" writer.

* Creskoff isn't the only local player on "Hung." Bristol native Charlie Saxton is very excited for Season 3, which he says promises "beautiful, sexy sex, and lots of it. Lots of comedy and action." He isn't in any love scenes. "Nobody wants to see that," he jokes.

Saxton, who has played drums since he was 8 and played bass in the movie "Bandslam," is glad that he and his on-screen sibling form a band this season and that he gets to play drums.

"We got to compose our own little punk songs," he says.

He's looking forward to returning to this area for several months but is now working on a play, "End of Days," in Los Angeles.

Saxton has become obsessed, he admits, with being cast in "Ghostbusters 3," if the movie is made, which seems to be up to Bill Murray.

"I've had a weird cosmic relationship with 'Ghostbusters' since I was very little. I had 'Ghostbusters' sheets, posters," says Saxton, who apparently became a 'Ghostbusters' fan in utero.

"I saw 'Ghostbusters 2' while I was in the womb. My mom says I was freaking out during the screening," Saxton says, referring to his mother, actress Drucie McDaniel-Saxton, a University of the Arts professor.

Saxton says he would love to play the child of either Rick Moranis, whom he says he resembles with glasses on, or Dan Aykroyd, whom he "has an eerie resemblance to when he was younger when I'm not wearing my glasses."

Saxton asked that we plug his Twitter topic: #CharlieSaxtonForGhostbusters3.

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