Lili Taylor talks about 'Future Weather,' her time in town

Lili Taylor says she went after "Future Weather" rather than the indie film going after her.

Taylor, whose many credits include "Six Feet Under" and "Say Anything," was a juror on a Nantucket Film Festival screenplay contest and chose writer/director Jenny Deller's script.

Lili Taylor

"I met her at the festival and said I'd love to grab a coffee with you and talk to you, and it just worked out naturally," Taylor told us Friday. In the film, she plays a science teacher who develops a special relationship with a girl obsessed with global warming.

The film, which stars Perla Haney-Jardine, and features Amy Madigan as the girl's grandmother, wrapped shooting Friday. Locations included Pennypack Nature Preserve, and areas in Abington and Warminster, such as Kenny's Madison Tavern (472 Madison).

Taylor, who stayed at the Hotel Palomar, in Center City, said that she enjoyed shopping at the Joseph Fox Bookshop (1724 Sansom). She also told us that she was fascinated by the idea of the upcoming "Wreck Chasers" show on TLC, a series about rival tow-truck companies now shooting here.

As for the future of "Future Weather," producer Kristin Fairweather says that the filmmakers are starting "an aggressive editing schedule" in the hopes of submitting the film next month for the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

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