LaBelle's lawyer calls New York lawsuit 'frivolous'

Patti LaBelle's attorney has labeled as "frivolous on its face" a suit filed in New York against the singer that seeks damages for injury and alleges that she threw water at a mother and her baby, screamed at them, and tried to punch the mother.

Speaking only to the Daily News, Allen Arrow, who has represented the soulful songbird for more than 40 years, says, "Unfortunately, this is another case of individuals and their attorney targeting someone who is in the public eye.

"Above all else I can say with complete certainty that she is a loving mother and a caring human being who adores children. This incident, which occurred over a year ago, began because Patti was concerned about the safety of a very young child who was left unattended. It is being handled through the courts, and we are confident that once the facts are revealed, the outcome will be in Patti's favor," Arrow said.

Patti LaBelle walks Mr. Cuddles, her shih tzu before Rachael Ray show taping. Photo: Sarah M. Glover/Staff Photographer

Kevin and Roseanna Monk filed suit in Manhattan Supreme Court accusing the Wynnewood-based recording star of screaming profanities at their daughter, Genevieve, and of trying to punch Roseanna outside a New York apartment building.

The Monks' attorney, Sam Davis, told the New York Daily News that LaBelle began yelling at the mother and her baby, then 18 months old, as the child was scampering around the lobby of an Upper West Side building where LaBelle was staying while performing in "Fela!" on Broadway. Davis told the paper that LaBelle had screamed, sprayed water from a bottle at mother and baby and then tried "to take a swing" at his client before LaBelles' entourage led her into a waiting car. The baby then vomited on her mother, the paper reports.

Here's our question: If the so-called swing missed, what is the suit over? Yelling? Water? Please.

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