Kidd Chris debuts online radio show today

Although Kidd Chris and sidekick Thomas now live in San Antonio, the radio host says his online radio show is a Philly show, and says he'll be surprised if listeners from other cities tune in. Chris was fired from 94 WYSP a year ago after a guest, Lady Gash, performed a racist song on-air called "Schwoogies," sung to the tune of Blondie's "Call Me."

He's been off-air since but starting at 3 p.m. today, Kidd Chris aka Chris Foley, 35, will broadcast a two-hour show weekdays at We asked if the show meant he didn't want to return to traditional radio, and Chris said, "It's in between." While he hopes to return to radio, he says the online show will allow "people to hear us the way we want to be heard. It's like going from network TV to cable. We wanted to keep the connection going," says Chris, noting that wherever he does land will have online streaming and that he might as well get the audience now.

"We're gonna hear from radio guys saying who cares about the Internet but music stations are in trouble. Once streaming radio hits cars, it'll be over," he says.