Kerri-Lee Halkett fends off masked intruder in Maine hotel room

Fox 29’s Kerri-Lee Halkett and a growling dog scared off a masked intruder who entered a room the anchor and a girlfriend, New York newscaster Jodi Applegate, were sharing at a Maine inn last night. On her Facebook page, Halkett writes she’s relieved she knows self defense and says that the creep entered the room “Carrying a crow bar and he just stood staring at me as I got out of bed demanding he leave.” Halkett says he did leave and she and Applegate, whose dog Willow, a golden retriever, helped ward him off, called 911. “I’m still shaken, can’t believe it happened,” Halkett told us by text message moments ago. “When I was confronting him he stood there silently looking at me. I’ve never been so scared,” says Halkett who is in Maine to attend a friend’s wedding. The Canadian born Halkett, who has worked in Philadelphia for nearly 10 years says "It just proves crime can happen anywhere." Halkett and Applegate remained in the hotel Friday night but switched rooms. The anchor says she expects to be back on air Wednesday.

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