Johnny Doc going after Fumo's seat?

Local 98 leader John Dougherty is collecting signatures to challenge state Sen. Vince Fumo for his 1st District seat, Daily Examiner reports. The electricians union chief has flirted with the idea of challenging his nemesis before, and according to Daily Examiner, he will "consider a calculated roundhouse swipe at a wobbly Fumo and his 30-year senatorial stronghold — possibly keeping Fumo from running just to win the primary, then backing out and handpicking his successor." While activist Anne Dicker's candidacy has prompted Fumo, who's facing federal corruption charges, to dispatch teens in "Free Mumia" shirts to go around collecting signatures for her, according to a story in the new Philadelphia magazine, we're sure Doc's candidacy would inspire far more entertaining shenanigans. From both sides.

A source in Dougherty's camp this morning confirmed to us that Doc has circulated nominating petitions this past weekend, but says no final decision has been made at this point.