Jessica Simpson lookalike turns heads at Eagles game

Despite people shouting "Jessica" to a hot blonde at last night's Eagles game, it wasn't Tony Romo's girlfriend Jessica Simpson at Lincoln Financial Field, but local model Kourtney Lee. Lee accompanied Q102's Diego Ramos to the game where she was met with "Jessica" a number of times throughout the game. Ramos says the pair are "good friends." Lee, whose got hundreds of pictures on her MySpace page, seemed to be met with a better reception than Vice President-elect Joe Biden who may have been booed when shown in Eagles owner Jeff Lurie's box, unless fans were booing Lurie. Cole Hamels, in an A.J. Feeley jersey, was in shown sitting near Biden in Lurie's box, and Pat Burrell was also there, but wasn't in the lone shot of Biden that was seen by NBC viewers during the game. Surprisingly, neither Al Michaels nor John Madden mentioned the fact that Biden was sitting there though he was identified on screen.