Jennifer Love Hewitt loves the Phillie Phanatic and Philly accents

Love Hewitt and Kennedy in the "Cafe" make-up room Photo: Alejandro A. Alvarez/Staff Photographer

Jennifer Love Hewitt says the highlight of her time in Philadelphia was getting to "hug the Phanatic guy at the Phillies.”

“I really enjoy walking cause we don’t get to do that a lot in LA,” Hewitt told us yesterday in a brief, yet exclusive, interview on the Main Line set of the film “Cafe,” in which she co-stars with her boyfriend, Upper Darby native Jamie Kennedy"The people here are really nice and they have cute accents,” said Hewitt who plays a battered woman in the drama that is set almost entirely in a coffee shop. Kennedy plays a Penn dropout turned drug dealer in the film written and directed by Marc Erlbaum, who wrote the movie at the Green Line Cafe (43rd & Baltmore). "Marc’s done an amazing job writing a clever and evocative movie,” Hewitt said yesterday. “ I love getting to wear my fake tattoos. I have a really fun character even though she has a rough life,” said the actress.

Producer J. Andrew Greenblatt said he met Kennedy through their mutual friend Jeff Gould. He got the “Cafe” script to Kennedy and Hewitt and both were excited about the chance to work on the movie.

“I was glad to try something different,” Kennedy said of taking on the dramatic role, a departure from the comedy he’s known for. “Growing up in Philly we can all play the creep,” Kennedy said about his character. He last worked in his hometown shooting a few gags for prank show “The Jamie Kennedy Experiment.”

Greenblatt, the executive director of the Philadelphia Film Society, hopes to have edited and ready to be submitted in the fall to the Sundance Film Festival. The Ambler native and Germantown Academy graduate is also producing “The Best and the Brightest,” which will soon shoot in Philadelphia, about a couple trying to get their kid into a private school, and “Twelve,” based on the book by Nick McDonell, a dark piece about an Upper East Side drug dealing teen.

Kennedy and Hewitt are off to Los Angeles this weekend as the film doesn’t shoot Saturdays, or after dark Fridays, due to the religious observances of Erlbaum, who is an Orthodox Jew.  The couple, who also work together on “Ghost Whisperer,” will be back in town next week to finish shooting the indie picture.