Is the rogue Twitter hacker from Philly?

With tweets shouting out Philly rappers like Meek Mill one would naturally wonder if the person who hacked Burger King and Jeep's twitter accounts is one of our own. (Hillary Petrozziello /

First it was Burger King, now Jeep.

Whoever is hacking corporate Twitter accounts and posting all levels of craziness on them really enjoys Philadelphia's hip-hop scene, sending shout-outs to Meek Mill and Jhalil Beats for the second time in as many days (the other guys are part of Mill's crew).

While I'm sure the people at Jeep aren't happy to be hacked, it's nice to see Philly hip hop getting this kind of national exposure.

As I told you in today's column, Meek Mill recently announced he'll play the Tower Theater on April 5. Maybe you'll see the Rogue Twitter Hacker there?

And, hey Rogue Twitter Hacker, feel free to hit me up at if you want to talk to local beats!

Update: Gizmodo says that the Twitter-happy hacker is (probably) New England-based DJ Tony "iThug" Cunha. But now he's onto MTV and shouting out Philly's own Kevin Hart.


Double Update: MTV hacked its own account. Lamesauce, MTV.