If you truly must, make it a Phillies Blunt

Let it be clear that the Daily News would never endorse the use of illegal drugs. Even drugs such as marijuana which have proven medicinal effects for severely sick patients upon whom the federal government insists on depriving a substance that by sheer coincidence doesn't have cash-heavy lobbyists like drug companies do. That said, just as my mentor Stu Bykofsky suggested in his column that everybody should wear red to support the Phillies, we ask that if you simply must hollow out a cheap cigar to fill with weed, for the sake of your city, and your team, let it be a Phillies Blunt. The cigars of course have no affiliation with the team, but they used to be made here, hence the name. We tried to ask Altadis USA, which manufactures the Phillies Blunt cigars if they've seen any increase in sales with the Phillies Phever, but nobody was available for comment. So once again, while you might be tempted to pick up Dutch Masters, Garcia Y Vega, or even the Notorious B.I.G Hypnotize blunt wraps, don't you really owe it to your city to make it a Phillies?