Ian Laperriere talks about Flyers shooting Judd Apatow movie

When a Flyers official heard that “40-Year-Old Virgin” director Judd Apatow was looking for a hockey player with no teeth for his new movie, he knew just who to recommend: Ian Laperriere.

The injured winger jumped at the opportunity and enlisted teammates Scott Hartnell, Matt Carle and James van Riemsdyk to accompany him to Hollywood for one 16-hour-day of shooting for Apatow’s “This is Forty.”

Filmmaker Judd Apatow with Ian Laperriere on the set of "This is Forty." (Photo: James van Riemsdyk)

The guys play hockey players who hit up a bar after a game and end up dancing and somehow playing with Lappy’s false teeth.

“I made a fool of myself, but it was fun. I like to try different things,” Lappy told us earlier. Laperriere admits he was the worst dancer of the group, with Carle a close second but “JVR and Hartsy had some moves.”

Lappy, who served as an analyst for Comcast SportsNet during the playoffs last season, put off dental work for the movie role.

He’s an Apatow fan and enjoyed some of his other films, which include “Superbad,” “Knocked Up.” and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” Lapperiere says he enjoys all kinds of movies except horror films. “I’m not big on blood. I see my share of blood on the ice,” he notes, agreeing with us that it’s usually his.
Lappy says he feels great physically but still has issues with blurry vision in his eye and is not sure whether he’ll return to the ice.

"This is Forty” stars Megan Fox, Wyatt Russell and Apatow’s wife Leslie Mann and is slated for release in Dec. 2012.