Howard Stern to CBS 3: Bring back Alycia

Howard Stern says that CBS 3 should apologize to Alycia Lane and give her back her job. On his Sirius Satellite Radio show yesterday, Stern, a friend of Lane's boyfriend, Chris Booker, formerly of Q102, said he used to think Lane was a bit nutty when she complained that she didn't understand how personal stuff about her was getting in the papers, but now he feels for her. Stern believes that the federal charge Monday against Lane's former co-anchor Larry Mendte, alleging that he hacked her private e-mails 537 times this year vindicates her. CBS 3 should admit it made a mistake in firing her, he said.

Paul Rosen, Lane's attorney, told us yesterday he was unaware of Stern's remarks, but "they are my sentiments exactly.""If they did the right thing that any quality employer should do, they would apologize to her for the harm caused by their employee and her co-anchor, and offer her the job Larry took away from her," Rosen continued by e-mail.


Rosen said that if Lane went back on air, "the old ratings she garnered will be back and her reputation can begin its comeback. It is a win-win for the station and Alycia, and puts the emphasis on the real criminal in this macabre story of Larry's jealous criminal obsession to destroy Alycia."

Mendte's attorney Michael A. Schwartz declined comment, and a CBS 3 spokeswoman declined to address Stern's remarks on Lane.