Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hold up, that was not Snoop Lion at PHL

Turns out Snoop Lion wasn't in Philly

Hold up, that was not Snoop Lion at PHL

Not Snoop Lion
Not Snoop Lion

Hey, remember this morning when I  got all excited about Snoop Lion at Philadelphia International Airport? Turns out, that's an imposter, so says Side B Radio host Phil Jackson. He emailed to tell me that while the resemblance is uncanny, that's not Snoop Lion in the picture, but Clementon, NJ's Lawrence Johnson.

What tipped Jackson off? Johnson appeared at a Lyrically Fit hip hop showcase at the Trocadero Theatre a couple weeks back. Not to mention, the real 6'4" Snoop is taller than Johnson.

How do I know? Check out this picture on Johnson's Facebook page, featuring the exact same outfit from the incorrect picture:

Lawrence confirmed via Facebook message that it was him. I'll update when I figure out why he was in costume at the airport, consdering going to the airport dressed as a noted stoner never seems like a good idea.

Here Johnson is getting interviewed outside a Lyrically Fit show at the Troc a couple weeks ago. Interested in Lyrically Fit? The next one is July 12.

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