'Hipster Grifter' waives extradition, agrees to be transferred to Salt Lake City

"Hipster Grifter" Kari Ferrell this morning waived her rights to an extradition hearing and agreed voluntarily to be transferred back to Salt Lake City where she is wanted on charges of passing bad checks. Ferrell, who is locked up at Riverside, one of the city's prisons, appeared by video in Courtroom 504 of the Criminal Justice Center.

Salt Lake City authorities now have 30 days under which to come and retrieve Ferrell to bring her back to Utah. If they fail to do so, Ferrell could request a hearing to protest her continuted incarceration and could potentially be released, but this is extremely unlikely as Salt Lake City authorities have had Ferrell on their Most Wanted list for a year, and by all accounts thus far, seem to be very interested in Ferrell being returned to their jurisdiction to face trial on forgery and fraud charges.

Ferrell was arrested in Philadelphia after a musician lured her to town and alerted Philadelphia Police she was wanted.