Hillary and Fabian sittin' in a tree...Clinton admits crush on South Philly born crooner

South Philly born crooner Fabian Forte says it was “f---ing incredible,” that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday admitted having a crush on him during a speech  in the Phillippines.

According to NYMag.com, Clinton was asked, "If you had a crush, aside from Bill Clinton, who would it be?" She replied that “Many, many, many, many years ago, when I was young, there was a singer in the United States whose name was Fabian,” and that she was president of the Fabian Fan Club.

“I thought it was beautiful — being a politician, she got herself out of that one pretty good,” Fabian  told New York magazine's Dan Amira while cutting trees at his home in Western PA. Fabian who still performs regularly with Frankie Avalon and Bobby Rydell must not have been offended by Clinton’s statement that he was a singer, and says he’s a fan of hers too.

“The reason why I’m really a fan of hers is that with all she has been through, she comes out great...I mean, she’s an incredible woman. You know, she’s got bigger balls than most men out there,” said the former teen idol.