Harry Jay Katz sports shiner, blames fall

Reformed playboy Harry Jay Katz is sporting a mysterious shiner and bruising on his prominent nose after a night carousing with his old pal Frank Stallone Saturday. Katz claims the bruises are the result of a fall on 17th Street. He and actor/singer Stallone painted the town along with Katz's girlfriend Debra Renee Cruz. The gang lunched at Mad River in Manayunk then dined at the Palm, and went for drinks at DelFrisco's and Rouge. Stallone signed autographs and posed for photos all night. Despite all the drinking, Katz maintains he was not drunk at the time of his fall and blames his loafers. Katz reports that Stallone, who crashed at Katz's East Falls mansion, tended to his wounds with "ice packs and tequila."