Gerard Butler to Philly ladies: Talk dirty to me

Photo: HughE Dillon/

Gerard Butler says that most women that he's met in town have been nothing but polite to his face, but he does enjoy hearing their more-risque remarks second-hand.

The "300" and "PS, I Love You" star drove women wild at City Hall Friday when Mayor Nutter presented a Liberty Bell statue to Butler, his "Law Abiding Citizen" co-star Jamie Foxx and the film's director, F. Gary Gray.

"Everyone's very polite. Usually something dirty or sexy or provocative comes through someone else, but I wish they would say it to me, you know. Bring it on," Butler dares his female Philly fans. Actor Bruce McGill, who played D-Day in "Animal House" and has worked in dozens of other films, said he was excited to spend nine weeks shooting here. McGill said he once worked theater in Philly, but a film role came along and it paid more, so he naturally took it. He plays the district attorney in "Law Abiding Citizen," and assures that unlike many of his roles, he's a good guy.