Gamble & Huff tunes inspire Paul Stanley's paintings

When Paul Stanley is painting, the KISS frontman turns to the Delfonics, the O'Jays and other groups from the Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff "Sound of Philadelphia" era as well as other vintage R&B and Motown acts.

A collection of Stanley's acrylic paintings are showing at the Wentworth Gallery at the Court at the King of Prussia Mall. Prices range from $1,500 for limited edition prints to $70,000 for original pieces.

Stanley started painting seriously about eight years ago and told us Friday that it's another outlet "for me to express myself emotionally. . . . I go into my studio and time lapses and everything that's on my mind slips," he says.

As for what the rock legend is listening to now, he says he still loves the classics. "Still Zeppelin, still the Beatles, I like the Raconteurs, I like the Killers," he told us before sharing that he paints to the Sound of Philadelphia groups as well as "the Four Tops, Temps, Martha Wells. To me that music is timeless."