Former nudie actress stumped for Obama in Rittenhouse Square

One loyal reader thought his eyes were playing tricks on him Saturday night while watching NBC 10's 11 o'clock news. There was Dayle Haddon, former 1970s softcore-porn actress of "Spermula" and other films, being quoted as a volunteer for Barack Obama's campaign. Haddon has also modeled for Estee Lauder, Clairol and L'Oreal, and has written books on aging gracefully. "I think Hillary is a wonderful candidate, too, and a strong candidate, but I feel that Barack Obama has leadership skills and an ability to unite," Haddon told NBC 10's Jillian Mele while talking with passers-by in Rittenhouse Square about Obama. "He maintains a level-headed, even tone that is very leaderlike, very presidential." Obama's Pennsylvania spokesman, Sean Smith, said yesterday that Haddon must have just been here to volunteer and "wasn't part of any official campaign events."