Former fiance tells Dallas Police 94 WYSP's Jennifer Reed took his car. She says it's hers

The former fiance of 94 WYSP's Jennifer Reed told Dallas police that the afternoon-drive host stole his car on Nov. 9. However, Reed's lawyer, David Henry, says that his client is "the true owner of the subject vehicle and contends that it was improperly taken out of state without her consent or knowledge."

Randall Janak, 35, who had been with Reed for about three years and moved with her from Texas to radio gigs in Atlanta, Memphis and then Philadelphia, reported a black Range Rover stolen last week and told police that he believed that Reed took it.


"Ms. Reed purchased the subject vehicle, has made all payments solely out of her funds, is named on the title and registration, and is the only person insured to drive the car," Henry told us last night. "Ms. Reed expressly states that she has not done anything improper. She is not named in any police report."

Janak did not return several phone messages. A friend of Janak's says that the couple purchased the car together, and his name is also on the title.

We're told that when they broke up early last month, Janak took only his clothes and the car and drove from their Philadelphia home to Texas and has been staying with a friend. After a failed attempt at reconciliation, Janak decided to stay in Texas and look for work.

Reed last week flew to Dallas, and it was during that trip that she is alleged to have taken the car, which Janak's friend believes that she stashed at a friend's place and says almost all of his clothes are in the missing Range Rover.

Henry did not address the whereabouts of the car.