Faux fight at Foo Fighters show

93.3 WMMR's Matt Cord allegedly threatened to kick the ass of a 94 WYSP listener who name dropped 'YSP's Monkey Boy and said "Preston and Steve suck" during a live 'MMR broadcast from last night's Foo Fighters show at the Wachovia Spectrum. A caller to 'YSP's Kidd Chris show this morning said he had gotten into it with the bald Cord, whom he compared to REM's Michael Stipe, and a "cancer patient." Cord, also a Sixers in-arena host, was broadcasting with Pierre Robert at the time of the alleged confrontation with the caller, named JP.

Cord did not immediately return a request for comment about the alleged shouting match, which was said to have been quickly broken up by Spectrum security. In other Foo Fighters news, a crew of Flyers, including Riley Cote and Jim Dowd boosted their spirits by catching the show from a luxury suite after their loss across the parking lot to San Jose.