Alleged figure in Bolaris bar scam has criminal past in MontCo

Turns out Alec Simchuk, the Miami club owner the FBI just arrested for his alleged involvement in a criminal organization that scammed tourists like former Fox 29 meteorologist John Bolaris, has a criminal history in Montgomery County.

Alec Simchuk

In 2002, Simchuk was sentenced to five years' probation for defrauding State Farm Insurance and was ordered to pay $138,000 in restitution after a Mercedes that Simchuk had reported stolen turned up in Russia.

Simchuk told jurors that he had shipped as many as 10 luxury cars to Russia in a scheme involving his ex-wife, Kristina Farber, and her father, Anatoly Farber, and a Los Angeles lawyer named Alex Van Kovn, according to an Inquirer report.

Simchuk avoided a possible two-year prison sentence by testifying against his alleged co-conspirators, all of whom were acquitted.

In May 2010, Bolaris was in Miami when his American Express card was charged more than $43,000 after he was urged to "Do shot" by two Eastern European hotties. He was then drugged and scammed by the two women. The weatherman, who is hoping to find TV work in town, is looking forward to testifying Oct. 9 in federal court in Miami against the criminal syndicate.

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