Fake Olbermann fools Byko

A testy e-mail exchange between Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky and MSNBC blowhard Keith Olbermann reported online Tuesday was actually between an exchange between Byko and an Olbermann imposter.

Bykofsky wrote columns critical of Olbermann on Thursday and again Monday after the left-leaning cable host was suspended for making political contributions to Democratic candidates, in violation of NBC News policy.

Bykofsky wrote to Keith@KeithOlbermann.com for comment and received a reply Monday in which “Olbermann” challenged Bykofsky’s journalistic chops. Byko replied and the conversation, which escalated into a respectfully argumentative battle, was first reported on Phawker.com and later picked up by several media blogs. Not too much later, the real Olbermann took to Twitter to say that Bykofsky and readers had been duped.

“If you see a supposed email exchange between me and somebody named Bykofsky @PhillyDailyNews - complete fake. Email address shown not mine,” wrote Olbermann around 3:30 p.m.

Sure enough, it turns out that KeithOlbermann.com is a parody site run by former MSNBC personality and Olbermann foe Tucker Carlson, of  TheDailyCaller.com.

“Sure, I’m embarrassed that a private exchange somehow got out, but when Wikileaks gets Pentagon secrets, I’m not shocked,” Bykofsky told me. “It was a clever practical joke that caught me, even as I made an honest attempt to reach Olbermann for comment. Fortunately, no actual harm was done to anyone, although I have a small concern that the bosses here may suspend me without pay for the weekend,” he joked.