El Wingador retires, but will Joey Chestnut?

El Wingador has retired from competitive eating after his loss to Joey Chestnut in Wing Bowl 16 today.

He's proud of his 205 wings -- his goal was 240, but breaking 200 is an accomplishment -- but told me, "I'm 46 years old. The only eating I'm doing is at home with my family."

Wingador also says he's going on the Subway diet to lose some of the weight that he put on while training and eating 10 pounds of food per day.

Meanwhile, Joey Chestnut sounded a little less convinced that he would never compete in Wing Bowl again than he was earlier this week, when he told us that, win or lose, Wing Bowl 16 would be his last. "I can take a few years off," Chestnut said, with a sly smile -- indicating he could see himself coming out of his self-imposed retirtement from Wing Bowl to perhaps challenge another champion.