Don Tollefson recuperating after serious car accident

Best wishes to Fox 29 sports anchor Don Tollefson who is recuperating after a serious car accident last week in which he suffered shoulder and neck injuries. Tolly’s doctors have advised bed rest for 4-6 weeks, according to an e-mail 950 ESPN station manager Bob DeBlois sent to staffers about Tollefson, 55, who is a part-time host on the radio station.  “I just wanted to thank all of you for your thoughts, prayers and get well wishes. As I recuperate from the injuries suffered in the car accident, you guys all mean an awful lot to me. I'll be listening to some awesome radio and thinking of you folks a lot during the coming weeks. Thanks again...Tolly,” is what bounced back when we e-mailed Don our well wishes. No word yet on exactly when or where the crash occurred.