Did South Philly's Christina Wilson win 'Hell's Kitchen?'

Congratulations to South Philly's Christina Wilson who won Fox's "Hell's Kitchen" Monday night and a job as head chef of Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. The job comes with a $250K salary.

Wilson, 32, watched the finale at the Fox Eco Party in Culver City, Calif. She couldn't be reached Monday but the Phillipsburg, N.J. native told us in May she had cried herself to sleep on "More than one night" while away shooting the series.

Chef Christina Wilson in her "Hell's Kitchen" promo photo. (Greg Gayne/FOX)

But Wilson, who attended West Chester and Temple on basketball scholarships, credited her competitive sports background with helping her deal with the pressure of competition and cameras in her face.

Many locals suspected maybe Wilson had won "Hell's Kitchen" when she quit as chef at Mercato (1216 Spruce) right as the season began. Wilson had previously cooked at Lolita (106 S. 13th and Carmine's Creole (5 Brookline) in Havertown.

Since leaving Mercato, Wilson said she had been working private events in town and down the shore.

West Philly native Barbie Marshall was one of the final four contestants in "Hell's Kitchen" and ended up part of Wilson's opponent Justin Antiorio's team helping him cool in the finale.