Demi Moore, Parker Posey here for 'Happy Tears' camera tests

Parker Posey turned heads by walking an adorable dog down the 1500 block of Walnut Street yesterday. We're not sure the breed, but we're told it was much smaller than Beatrice, the Weimeraner her "Best in Show" character owned. Posey and Demi Moore were also spottted dining outside Rouge (205 S. 18th) last night where people were feeding chicken to a dog that accompanied the actresses. Not sure whether it was Posey's pup or if Moore has a pooch with her as well. The actresses are here today doing camera tests for "Happy Tears," says associate producer Richard Lormand. The movie, a family drama by writer/director Mitchell Lichtenstein, in which the two play sisters and daughters of Rip Torn, is scheduled to begin shooting, largely in the burbs, toward the end of the month.