Delfonics family feud coming to an end?

Long-fueding Delfonics founders William and Wilbert Hart had tears in their eyes when they hugged at the funeral of their friend and collaborator Randy Cain, who died last month. Since then, the brothers have discussed a possible reunion, which Wilbert has long hoped for.

The Harts formed the legendary Philly soul group with Cain while they all attended Overbrook High. Wilbert and William have feuded over royalties and over who deserves credit for the group's success. Wilbert and Cain sued William for back royalties in 2003, then in 2006 they reunited for one night to perform with Cain at the Rhythm and Blues Foundation's Pioneer Awards.

Wilbert Hart told us recently that he wanted to get back together with his brother but that he didn't think William was interested. William said yesterday he already has booked an August tour on which Garfield Fleming and Dr. Love will join him, but he wants to talk with Wilbert to see if the pair can work on their issues and start singing together.

"If he wants to do it, I want to do it," William said yesterday.